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The pandemic in our prisons: Appriss study looks at the impact of COVID-19 on jail populations

Jails and prisons across the nation have represented some of the most significant COVID-19 outbreaks to date, according to Poynter. In response, public officials have worked to depopulate jails through early release and reduced bookings, but the.

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Mitigating screening bias on underserved communities: Key takeaways from a Neeyamo 'Rise Above' 2020 panel discussion

As communities across the country have been enmeshed in public demonstrations focused on social justice and equality, the issue of racial bias in in the criminal justice system is especially germane. Both the Professional Background Screening.

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Breaking the Cycle of Frequent Repeat Offenders

In October 2019, We attended the meeting of a jail overcrowding taskforce in Indiana where members brainstormed solutions for jail overcrowding. A statement from an officer at the meeting is central to the issue of jail overcrowding: “We need to.

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Acquisition of Innovative Advances Appriss’ Data Solutions for CRA and Enterprise Risk Markets

Appriss, a leading provider of data analytics solutions, is pleased to announce acquisition of Innovative Enterprises, Inc. (IEI), a top data service provider for the background screening industry.  

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