Brian Matthews, President

The Strength of Appriss: People, Partnerships and Perseverance

During times of uncertainty, the last thing a company should have to worry about is the stability of its data suppliers and technology partners. Crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic, put organizational core values and resilience to the test. 

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Why is Recidivism so Common?

The Challenges of Successful Prisoner Reentry More than half of prisoners are re-arrested within two years of their initial release. Eighty percent recidivate within seven years.  When government and commercial organizations prioritize breaking this.

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Implementing a Continuous Monitoring Program in Your Workplace

INDUSTRY BEST PRACTICES A substantial amount of person-based risk goes unnoticed and unmanaged each day. As employers seek to ensure the safety and integrity of their workplaces, customers, and overall community, there continues to be a focus on.

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