Intro to Insider Threat: Who is at risk and who can help.

What is “Insider Threat?”

Insider threats are risks/threats that come from people within an organization, such as employees, former employees, contractors, or business associates.

Insider threat poses significant risk to companies:

  • Financial impact
  • Loss of customer loyalty
  • Loss of brand value
  • Reputational damage
  • Human tragedy

Can you give an example?

Sure. Often times, prior to starting a new job, a company will have a background screening conducted on the potential new employee. The background screen comes back clean; the individual is hired.

Sounds clean and simple.

It does—but it’s not. Many background screening companies will only check for criminal records in the locations where the job candidate has lived, as the process is extremely time-consuming and costly. That leaves out a whole lot of zip codes where the candidate could have had a criminal offense, but did not reside there.

Wow! I always thought it just covered everything, everywhere.

Also, maybe John Smith’s record was, in fact, clean when he started driving for ABC Bus Company. But one night he made a poor decision, drove home intoxicated, and got a DWI. ABC Bus Company requires all of its employees to self-report any criminal offenses. This company would most certainly be especially sensitive to driving-related infractions… but with a self-report structure, who is really holding John Smith accountable??

No one…

Until Appriss.

Appriss Insights’ insider threat solutions help protect agencies and employers from legal, regulatory, financial and reputational penalties of rogue employees.

  • According to a study Appriss conducted in 2015, nearly 12% of an employers’ workforce may be arrested within the next ­five years.
  • Using our comprehensive, proprietary arrest database, our solution:
    • Identifies criminal bookings and charges in real time, nationwide
    • Enhances pre-employment screening to keep threats out
    • Monitors employees post-hire to find threats within
    • Helps prevent workplace violence, corporate financial and customer loyalty loss, and human tragedy

Who have these solutions helped?

Historically, our insider threat solutions were largely driven by data partners with a focus on federal agencies, but we’ve recently been unlocking and showcasing our value in commercial markets, such as financial services, in-home care, transportation companies, identity theft protection, and global retailers, among others.

So, Appriss’ insider threat solutions keep threats out, hold workforces accountable, bolster employee safety, and help identify trends in employee behavior. That is definitely #knowledgeforgood!

Kate Chmielewski, Communications Manager


Kate Chmielewski, Communications Manager

Kate Chmielewski is the Communications Manager at Appriss Insights and takes pride in spreading Appriss’ mission of ‘Knowledge for Good’ to the public. Kate has spent her career-to-date in various communications-based roles in both the financial and software development spaces, sharpening this industry-transcendent skill set each step of the way. While championing Appriss and narrating the power of its solutions are her primary job functions by day, Kate also enjoys spending time with her husband and their toddlers in and around the Chicagoland region.

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