The Strength of Appriss: People, Partnerships and Perseverance

During times of uncertainty, the last thing a company should have to worry about is the stability of its data suppliers and technology partners. Crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic, put organizational core values and resilience to the test. 

How a company chooses to respond during a crisis can greatly impact its long-term viability. Organizations who prioritize people and business relationships can grow stronger during times of economic stress. COVID-19 has tested the Strength of Appriss, and we haven’t missed a beat. We’re putting people first - employees, customers and partners.  


Appriss could serve as a case study in business resilience and adaptability. In its 26-year history, Appriss has grown from a small, Louisville, KY-based provider of victim notification services to a global leader in data and technology, solving some of today's most complex societal problems across multiple industries. Appriss has not only survived, but thrived, through three recessions, achieving consecutive double-digit revenue growth for over 20 years. We believe COVID-19 will help Appriss evolve to become an even stronger leader in the industries we serve. 


Appriss is especially dedicated to the growth of the background screening industry. As our industry braces for a deep economic downturn, we recognize that strong relationships between CRAs and data providers are critically important. Taking the time to evaluate data suppliers is an important step in minimizing financial risk for your business. CRAs should consider several factors when it comes to their data providers: business model, financial stability, mission, culture, investment in innovation and data quality. 

Questions CRAs Should Ask When Evaluating a Data Provider 

Do they act like a vendor or a business partner? 

Are the interactions with your data vendor purely transactional? Appriss considers itself a strategic business partner to CRAs. Our top channel partners receive customized support from our account management, marketing, product, and technical support teams, empowering them to grow. We function as an extension of our partners’ teams, serving as a trustworthy and confidential source of industry knowledge and skills. Partners also have access to our Partner Center, an online resource library for Appriss data solutions. Because Appriss never competes with CRAs, we can provide collaborative support with a shared understanding: when our CRA partners succeed, we succeed. 

Are they financially stable? 

CRAs need to feel confident that their data providers aren’t at risk of cutting staff, support, operations, or even product lines to stay economically viable. Is your supplier overly dependent on a single industry or does it serve a broad range of markets? Does your supplier have customers that represent an unhealthy percentage of total revenue? Has your supplier weathered previous economic downturns? 

Appriss is a large, diversified company with over 1,000 employees and contractors solving problems with unique data across a wide spectrum of industries and use cases. We have an unblemished track record of continuous growth, while maintaining high-quality service/support to our customers through multiple economic cycles (9/11, ‘07-09 Great Recession…). No one part of our business is more than 20%, and no single customer/partner represents more than 4% of our total revenue. Our eggs are spread across many baskets, giving us the diversity and stability to hedge against any challenge. 

What do they place the most importance on - mission, people, profits? 

At Appriss, our mission of “Knowledge for Good” is our North Star. We firmly believe in the power of data and technology to accomplish good in the world. We partner with CRAs to ensure safer workplaces and communities by providing access to the most timely, broadest criminal justice data available in the market. The Strength of Appriss is our people. Our employees are driven by our mission to save lives, fight crime, prevent fraud and manage risk. Our Risk Intelligence team brings to CRAs deep expertise in the background screening process spanning the full cycle of employment: from pre-hire screenings to post-hire monitoring for potential criminal activity. Our partners benefit from the dedication of our employees, their collective skills and industry knowledge.  

Are they innovating?  

Is your current data provider continually improving upon its products, to add value to your business? Appriss has made and continues to make key investments in driving the background screening industry forward through better data and technology. Our Product team is focused on developing data solutions that create efficiencies, reduce noise, improve turn-around-times and save money for CRAs. Appriss has enabled some of the largest CRAs in the industry to bring to market innovative data offerings and solutions, such as post-hire continuous monitoring, that will create new revenue streams. Our focus on innovation enables our CRA partners to provide employers with the most accurate, timely background screening available in the market. 

How does their data coverage, quality and timeliness stack up? 

Appriss Insights is the leading provider of data to the CRA market, powered by the nation’s most comprehensive source of risk intelligence data. Our Risk Intelligence pre-hire and post-hire solutions for the background screening industry are powered by proprietary data, from exclusive sources not found in any competing commercial solutions: 

  • National criminal file
  • Historical incarceration data
  • Social security trace
  • County court research
  • Healthcare sanctions and exclusions
  • Post-hire continuous monitoring

How does your current data provider compare to Appriss?  

With unemployment nearing record highs and hiring slowing down, take the time now to ensure your business is set up for success when the economy turns around. Appriss is uniquely positioned to be a trusted partner during these unprecedented times. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the value we can provide to your company.  

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Brian Matthews, President


Brian Matthews, President

Brian Matthews has served as the president of Appriss Insights since 2019. He is responsible for developing and executing growth strategy for the business, with an overall focus on saving lives, preventing fraud, and reducing insider risk.

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