The Strength of Appriss: Our Partners’ Success is Our Success

In times of uncertainty like a global pandemic or an economic downturn, it’s important to make sure your data provider is a strong collaborator who understands your mission and goals. Organizations that remain committed to their core values in the midst of change are the organizations that will rise to the top. At Appriss, we are committed to keeping our relationships and partnerships strong, and that means supporting our employees, customers, and partners through both prosperity and adversity.

A true partner, not a vendor

Central to Appriss’ mission of “Knowledge for good” is our partner success model, which empowers partners to grow their businesses by partnering with Appriss to provide data solutions that solve problems for our communities. There are many other data providers, but most of them act as vendors, not partners. A vendor-client relationship is entirely transactional – the vendor will provide data the client needs but not much support beyond that. In contrast, a partner-centric relationship is built on a strong understanding and alignment of each partner’s vision and goals.

As a partner, Appriss focuses on helping our partners grow and provides the resources they need to make that happen. As one of the few wholesale CRA data providers that practices this model, Appriss proactively works with partners in support of their existing go-to-market strategies. We support our partners in three use cases: enhancing investigations through Justice Intelligence, increasing access to care and reducing entitlement fraud through Incarceration Intelligence, and improving workplace safety through Risk Intelligence. For each of these solutions, we commit to do more to grow your business than a vendor.

We spend the time necessary to really get to know our partners – including their unique business models, product roadmaps, and growth goals. Time invested in understanding each partner’s go-to-market strategy and day-to-day execution plan is critical to helping them flourish. Our goal is to provide customized support for a wide variety of functional teams, all designed to help them reach their goals. When our partners succeed, we succeed.

At Appriss, we are in regular communication with our partners to make sure our goals remain aligned. The journey of learning our partners’ businesses and helping them grow never ends. With the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, every partner is doing things differently. Appriss remains agile and resilient, continually adapting to the needs of our channel partners to ensure their success. As several Appriss channel partners are launching COVID-19 contact tracing solutions, Appriss is providing technical, product and messaging support.

Since we transitioned to our partner-centric model two-and-a-half years ago, the feedback I have heard from our partners has been nothing but positive. They know our commitment to the success of our partners is not just lip service; we follow through by providing our expertise and the resources they need to win.

Our team is part of yours

The most important resource we provide our partners, however, is our people. People lie at the heart of the partner success model at Appriss, and ultimately set us apart as a data provider. The team members we have at Appriss are fantastic. They are expert collaborators with knowledge and skill sets unmatched in the industry, hired in part because we are confident that they can support our partners effectively, and they execute our model flawlessly. When we bring that high level of performance to the table with our partners, they can leverage this wide array of skill sets and experience for the growth of their business. Today, many partners’ resources might be limited, so the people we provide help our partners execute in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

In addition to our people, we also provide the Appriss Insights Partner Center, a resource library designed to give partners a competitive advantage in the markets they serve. This online portal contains marketing and sales content, training courses, technical support, and more – all created to help our partners use and market our data solutions.

peer to peer relationships

Top partners receive active support from Appriss’ account management, marketing, product, and technical support teams, which empowers our partners to grow their businesses beyond what they could do with only internal resources. Reporting to me is a skilled team of partner management and marketing experts who help execute each partner’s go-to-market strategy.

Our product organization and technical support teams also work hand-in-hand with their counterparts at partner organizations. They are intended to be an extension of the partner’s team, providing day-to-day collaborative support.

Appriss’ partner success model fosters mutual partnerships. For more information on becoming an Appriss Insights channel partner, reach out today.

Brian Kelly


Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Appriss Insights. He leads the go-to-market strategy development and execution of all revenue initiatives for Justice Intelligence (Government and Commercial Investigations), Program Integrity, and Risk Intelligence solutions. This includes working with the teams across Insights to identify and execute new revenue opportunities with existing and new partners. Over the last 25 years, he has served in business development, sales, and marketing roles in finance, data security, and technology. Brian holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

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