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The Appriss for Good Assessment: How we evaluate data use cases for public benefit

In today’s economy, organizations must constantly adapt and innovate to succeed. That’s been the case for Appriss, as we’ve evolved over 26 years from a two-person startup into a global enterprise with more than 1,000 employees in three business.

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Utah leads the nation in preventing unemployment insurance fraud

The burden on state benefits agencies is heavier than ever in the wake of the pandemic, particularly with unemployment insurance (UI) claims. Along with skyrocketing claims came numerous reports of improper or fraudulent payments in virtually every.

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Unlocking the Power of Automation in Court Research Data

Accurate and timely court research is a critical component of any wholesale data solution for CRAs in the background screening industry. A pre-hire background check requires multiple steps – including a Social Security number trace, address history.

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What are healthcare sanctions and exclusions and why do they matter?

Healthcare jobs account for 14% of the U.S. workforce, the second-largest employment segment in the nation. With patients’ safety at stake, organizations that deliver healthcare must ensure that the individuals they employ are properly licensed,.

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The Strength of Appriss: Call Center Helps State of Kentucky Respond to COVID-19

During its 25+ years serving survivors and concerned citizens all over the United States, Appriss has set itself apart as an industry leader through VINE, the nation’s first and leading victim notification service. Appriss’ mission is a commitment.

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Appriss Insights Positioned to Make Significant Impact at 2019 NAPBS Annual Conference

Appriss Insights is pleased to announce that it will be showcasing its enhanced suite of screening services at the National Association of Professional Background Screeners’ annual conference September 8 – 10 in San Antonio, TX.

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