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Combating Unemployment Fraud and Overpayments in the Age of COVID-19

For as long as state agencies have provided unemployment benefits to those in need, bad actors have tried to exploit these programs. Now following a surge in claims connected to COVID-19, these...

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The Strength of Appriss: Call Center Helps State of Kentucky Respond to COVID-19

During its 25+ years serving survivors and concerned citizens all over the United States, Appriss has set itself apart as an industry leader through VINE, the nation’s first and leading victim notification service. Appriss’ mission is a commitment.

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New Mexico-based workforce agency thrilled with Appriss’ cross-match results

Unemployment insurance is an important government-run public benefit available to Americans who become unemployed through no fault of their own. Unemployment insurance gives its beneficiaries continued financial stability and has helped keep.

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