Get To Know New York VINE Program Manager Jaymes Hurley

Appriss Insights, LLC's flagship solution, VINE, is the nation’s leading automated victim notification system. Through VINE, victims and concerned citizens can register and be notified when an offender is released from custody. VINE is currently provided to victims as a free service across 47 states, providing millions of Americans the peace of mind they deserve.

In each participating state, there is at least one designated VINE Program Manager. The Program Manager is typically an employee of the entity or agency that holds the VINE contract in that location and serves as the liaison between Appriss Insights and their community. They are the main point of contact for all VINE-related questions, concerns, or needs that citizens may have and are responsible for helping to ensure their community is knowledgeable about the VINE services available to them.

Program Managers are imperative to the success of VINE, as they provide Appriss Insights invaluable feedback and suggestions from the field, so we can be confident the service offers a streamlined, user-friendly experience and continues to be a trusted safety net for victims/survivors.

One of our VINE Program Managers in the State of New York is Jaymes Hurley. We are excited to get to know Jaymes a little better today!

man looking straight ahead wearing dark shirt Name: Jaymes Hurley

State/Title: NY Director, Victim Notification Services for the New York State Sheriffs’ Institute

What drew you to your role as New York State Sheriffs' Institute VINE Program Manager?
Previously, I worked in Law Enforcement for more than 15 years, and part of my job was to advocate for victim notification services in my county. I was lucky to have a great working relationship with the victim advocacy groups and the court system. When the opportunity came to join the team at the Sheriffs’ Institute and bring my focus to working on victim services statewide, I happily took the role.

What keeps you in your role?
Knowing that the services we provide are helping victims create a safety plan and potentially saving lives.

What is the best part of your job?
Working with victims, advocacy groups, and law enforcement throughout the state and witnessing the Sheriff’s commitment to providing services for victims in New York State.

What does VINE mean to your state?
VINE works to give the victims of New York State a level of comfort and the capability to make a personal safety plan.

How has VINE proven valuable in your state and what is your relationship like with the VINE team?
Since 1998, the service has been an invaluable tool for victims and advocates in New York. As I have only been in my role for two years, the VINE team and their resources have been tremendous help to me as I learned the ropes.

Where did you grow up?
Syracuse, NY

What are your hobbies?
Camping, hiking, going to concerts, and baseball games

Where is your favorite place to travel?
I have been lucky enough to travel a bit. My favorite places that I have been are Hawaii and the Adirondacks.

What is your dream vacation?
I would love to go on a Mediterranean cruise.

What is your favorite food?
Pizza and wings

Favorite sports team?
Atlanta Braves

Favorite color?

Favorite holiday?
Saint Patrick’s Day

two black dogs cuddled together on couchDo you have any pets?
Yes, I have two dogs: A lab/pit bull mix named Mason and a lab/Mountain Feist mix named Honor.

What books are you reading right now?
Origin by Dan Brown and Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead by Jim Mattis and Bing West

What TV shows are you binging right now?

Favorite quote?
“You manage things; you lead people.” – Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, United States Navy

What is interesting about you that most people don’t know?
I am an officer in the Navy Reserves. I have served in the Navy since 2005 and have been called to active duty a few times, which included a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

man in US Navy Reserves uniform









Appriss Insights Team


Appriss Insights Team

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