Get To Know Tennessee VINE Program Manager Tamika Dobbins

Appriss’ flagship solution, VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is the nation’s leading automated victim notification system. Through VINE, victims and concerned citizens can register and be notified when an offender is released from custody. VINE is currently provided to victims as a free service, with nearly 95 percent participation nationwide.

In each state, there is at least one designated VINE Program Manager. The Program Manager is typically an employee of the entity or agency that holds the VINE contract in that location and serves as the liaison between Appriss and their community. They are the main point of contact for all VINE-related questions, concerns, or needs that citizens may have, and are responsible for ensuring their community is knowledgeable about the VINE services available to them.

Program Managers are imperative to the success of VINE, as they provide Appriss invaluable feedback and suggestions from the field so we can be confident the service offers a streamlined, user-friendly experience and continues to be a trusted safety net for victims/survivors.

One of our VINE Program Managers in the State of Tennessee is Tamika Dobbins. We are excited to get to know Tamika a little better today!

20210621_113653Name: Tamika Dobbins

State/Title: Director of Victim Services

What drew you to your role as Tennessee DOC VINE Program Manager?
Since I oversee Victim Services for TDOC and we were looking to enhance our notifications, when we started working with Appriss, it just became another function of my job responsibilities.

What keeps you in your role?
Knowing that I am making a difference in such a vital area of the justice system. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn, grow, and support crime victims/survivors, advocates, and law enforcement.

What is the best part of your job?
Helping victims/survivors navigate the corrections process and providing them with vital information for them to make informed decisions.

What does VINE mean to your state?  
TDOC VINE provides an additional level of safety and information for victims/survivors. Before we only mailed notifications, now we can offer another service that allows victims/survivors to have more control over their notifications and their able to choose how they receive those notifications, phone call, text, or email.

How has VINE proven valuable in your state and what is your relationship like with the VINE team?
VINE has been an invaluable asset for us at the TDOC. of the gaps in services that we had was that we did not provide electronic notifications. The county jails in Tennessee were already on the VINE platform, so when offenders were transferred between county jails and state prisons, the registrants would have to register separately with TDOC. Now that VINE is statewide in TN, it has made the registration process seamless, and those registrants are still able to receive updates regardless if an offender is in a county jail or TDOC facility. In addition, the Enhanced VINE features such as the service provider directory has also been a great asset and victims are able to get connected with resources while also registering for notifications.

Working with the VINE team has been a great experience. The entire team is always responsive to questions and issues and collaborates with all stakeholders at TDOC to ensure that issues are resolved in a timely manner. Holly Blevins, our client relationship manager, has been great to work with. She is literally the glue that holds us all together!

Where did you grow up?
Nashville, TN

What are your hobbies?
Photography and making wreaths.

Where is your favorite place to travel?
Anywhere tropical.

What is your dream vacation?  
Bora Bora, Italy, Egypt.

What is your favorite food?

Favorite sports team?
Tennessee Titans

Favorite color?

Favorite holiday?

What books are you reading right now?
The Rubber Band Resilient Leader by Kathy Parry

What TV shows are you binging right now?
Sweet Magnolias on Netflix

Favorite quote?
“If you want something you never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”


Appriss Insights Team


Appriss Insights Team

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