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Serving LGBTQ+ crime victims: An interview with a law enforcement expert

June is Pride Month, a time to take a positive stance against discrimination and violence towards the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and pansexual or Two-Spirit) community, who continue to struggle to overcome.

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Measuring with HEART: Evaluating the Quality of the VINE User Experience

Last year, Appriss unveiled a significant redesign of VINE, including a new layout, improved features, and a more intuitive design. The update was the culmination of a year-long research and design initiative led by our Product team, built from.

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Ready for a Close-Up: VINE Expands Its Audience through YouTube Channel

Of the many challenges presented by COVID-19, one key issue many services faced was how to reach audiences that were now isolated at home, unable to meet for face-to-face interaction, or put in situations where they may not feel safe or comfortable.

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Human-Centered Design: 10 Questions about the VINE Redesign with our Product Designer

To celebrate the recent launch of our VINE redesign, we sat down with our Design Manager, Lara Kirby Pardo, to go through a few questions about our research and design process. As a member of the Product team, Lara heads up the design team that.

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Twenty-five Years Later: CEO Mike Davis on the humble beginnings of VINE

On December 6, 1994, aspiring entrepreneur Mike Davis unveiled VINE—the nation’s first automated victim notification service—at a press conference in his hometown of Louisville, KY. Davis and his business partner, Yung Nguyen, developed VINE (and.

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