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Ready for a Close-Up: VINE Expands Its Audience through YouTube Channel

Of the many challenges presented by COVID-19, one key issue many services faced was how to reach audiences that were now isolated at home, unable to meet for face-to-face interaction, or put in situations where they may not feel safe or comfortable.

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How VINE helped a survivor find peace of mind

In 2011, Anna Nasset was living what she calls her “best life.” After purchasing an art gallery in Washington State four years earlier with just $200 in her bank account, Anna put her business plan to work. Before long, she was at the forefront of.

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Twenty-five Years Later: CEO Mike Davis on the humble beginnings of VINE

On December 6, 1994, aspiring entrepreneur Mike Davis unveiled VINE—the nation’s first automated victim notification service—at a press conference in his hometown of Louisville, KY. Davis and his business partner, Yung Nguyen, developed VINE (and.

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Get to Know Your Customers: Missouri VINE Program Manager

“Get to Know Your Customers Day” is observed on the third Thursday of each quarter. Appriss would like to take this opportunity to learn a little bit more about our customers, and to spotlight just how wonderful they are.

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A Victim’s Odyssey: The weight of victimization and finding empowerment through VINE

THE WEIGHT OF VICTIMIZATION & FINDING EMPOWERMENT THROUGH VINE My name is Chief Justice (Retired) Richard Barajas. I am the Executive Director of the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA).

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Enhancements for good: Connecting victims to their communities with the Enhanced VINE service

Victim Information and Notification Everyday, or VINE as it is more commonly known, is Appriss Safety’s flagship service that offers peace of mind to victims of crime by providing them access to timely and reliable offender information. Free to.

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