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Maryland Victim Service Unit Committed to Guiding Victims Through Trauma

One of the most challenging aspects of victim advocacy is the moment immediately after a tragedy has occurred. Helping to guide victims through these circumstances requires poise, knowledge, and above all, empathy. Deborah Bradley and Kara Dager.

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20 years later, the Mary Byron Project is still fighting on behalf of survivors

As a felony prosecutor in the city of Louisville for 15 years, Dorislee Gilbert has seen all sides of the criminal justice system. She has fought for justice for victims of crime, domestic abuse, and child abuse by training prosecutors across the.

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How VINE helped a survivor find peace of mind

In 2011, Anna Nasset was living what she calls her “best life.” After purchasing an art gallery in Washington State four years earlier with just $200 in her bank account, Anna put her business plan to work. Before long, she was at the forefront of.

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A Victim’s Odyssey: The weight of victimization and finding empowerment through VINE

THE WEIGHT OF VICTIMIZATION & FINDING EMPOWERMENT THROUGH VINE My name is Chief Justice (Retired) Richard Barajas. I am the Executive Director of the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA).

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Finding Purpose in Tragedy: My company’s road to victim safety and empowerment

MY COMPANY’S ROAD TO VICTIM SAFETY AND EMPOWERMENT I really don’t have to think about the tragic, unspeakable incidents that wound up shaping my life. They are woven into the fabric of who I am, and they are as much a part of me as the color of my.

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