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Human-Centered Design: 10 Questions about the VINE Redesign with our Product Designer

To celebrate the recent launch of our VINE redesign, we sat down with our Design Manager, Lara Kirby Pardo, to go through a few questions about our research and design process. As a member of the Product team, Lara heads up the design team that.

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Twenty-five Years Later: CEO Mike Davis on the humble beginnings of VINE

On December 6, 1994, aspiring entrepreneur Mike Davis unveiled VINE—the nation’s first automated victim notification service—at a press conference in his hometown of Louisville, KY. Davis and his business partner, Yung Nguyen, developed VINE (and.

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The Good Robocall: When a “Scam” is Not a Scam

You’re busy moving through the day when your cell phone rings. You look to find it’s yet another call from “Scam Likely,” so you ignore it. You, like millions of other Americans who receive what feels like a never-ending stream of disrupting.

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Honoring 25 Years of VINE: The Invaluable Element of Human Connection

Throughout its 25 years, Appriss has prided itself on attracting, recruiting, and retaining highly talented, motivated, and impassioned individuals from across the country and empowering them to succeed.

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Enhancements for good: Connecting victims to their communities with the Enhanced VINE service

Victim Information and Notification Everyday, or VINE as it is more commonly known, is Appriss Safety’s flagship service that offers peace of mind to victims of crime by providing them access to timely and reliable offender information. Free to.

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