Ready for a Close-Up: VINE Expands Its Audience through YouTube Channel

Of the many challenges presented by COVID-19, one key issue many services faced was how to reach audiences that were now isolated at home, unable to meet for face-to-face interaction, or put in situations where they may not feel safe or comfortable accessing resourcesWith our life-saving victim notification service, VINE®, victims and survivors could continue to discretely visit our websitedownload our free mobile app, or call our toll-free number to locate inmate custody status information and register for notifications and alerts on changes in custody status when they felt safest. However, with social distancing measures leading to a startling rise in domestic violence, we knew that raising awareness of this important service was vital and could provide peace of mind to some.  

Our YouTube channel, The VINE Resource Center, had just been launched in February 2020. We were in the early stages of establishing our channel’s content and beginning to see what was resonating with our first subscribers when the pandemic hitOur Marketing and Training team saw this as an opportunity to create more digital content for this new avenue of communication when more people were turning to online resources for assistance 

Why YouTube?

When we began to plan our YouTube channel last year, we were looking for a way to both expand our digital content library as well as promote our current video resources to a broader audience. With over 2 billion monthly logged in users and billions of hours of videos watched daily, YouTube was a natural conclusion to host our content and expand our audience.  

Since launching, our channel has become home to in-depth tutorials on navigating, interviews with people working in the victim services field, webinar recordings, testimonials, and more. The impact has also been tremendous: in less than a year, we have grown our subscriber base to more than 280 subscribers, our videos have been viewed more than 9,200 times, and people have spent over 216 hours watching our content. We are truly honored to know that we are reaching more people than ever and helping them understand how VINE can help them.  

It’s also given us more room to improve our offerings and feature new types of videos. One significant highlight for our channel this year has been our first video series, the VINE Feature Spotlight.  

VINE Feature Spotlight Series 

We know that many people who come to VINE are familiar with the offender search, registration, and notification features. However, VINE also has many essential features that go beyond inmate information and notification, and we use this series to showcase some of the newer or lesser-known features that VINE has to offer. Check out the first three videos in our series below!  

VINE Feature Spotlight: What's New in VINE?

One of the most frequently asked questions our Training team hears is, “How do I know what’s new in VINE?” This video walks VINE users through the “New in VINE” feature that helps keep them informed of enhancements, improvements, and other important updates to the VINE service.  


VINE Feature Spotlight: What's a VINELink Account?

In states on the most recent version of VINE, people who use the service can now create a VINELink account. Accounts help you keep track of all your registrations in one place, and give you access to unique features like a Watch List, Saved Service Providers, and more. 


VINE Feature Spotlight: What Are Service Providers?

In select states, VINE offers a directory of both local and national service providers of victim services and resources. People who use VINE can search for certain organizations or search by the types of services offered to view details, save information to their VINELink Account, or even contact the provider directly. 

We will continue to add new videos in this series, as well as introducing other exciting content to our channel in 2021. We update the channel monthly, so if you have not already done so, visit our channel and subscribe to see new content as it’s posted.  

Find us on YouTube today at The VINE Resource Center 

Have an idea for a video or question about our YouTube channelWe’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at

Jared Beek


Jared Beek

Jared Beek is the VINE Marketing & Training Specialist with Appriss Insights, where he assists in content creation for on-site and online training delivery. He brings to Appriss experience in teaching, tutoring, communications, and higher education recruitment. He holds a BA in English from the University of Kentucky and an MA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Louisville. A Kentucky native, he currently resides in Louisville. When he’s not working, you can usually find him with his nose in a book, hiking a trail, or playing with his beloved rescue dog, Bindi.

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